Sweary links #2

A smorgasbord of sweary bits for your weekend degustation:

All ADJ and shit

“As far as I can see, ‘all proper and shit’ is a syntactically, semantically, and pragmatically compositional combination of two constructions that have existed in English for hundreds of years.” Language Log’s Mark Liberman considers a shitty idiom.

Shits fired







And that’s the way it was in Portland (Oregon) on January 24. Via Dustbury.

U.S. trademark office gets testy over “Comfyballs” 

“It is the nation that gave us Baseball, the film Dodgeball and the South Park song Chocolate Salty Balls – but it appears the United States is not ready for a men’s underwear brand called Comfyballs.” – The Telegraph.

Department of customer retention, anal division

“This is what appears to be an actual bill sent to a Comcast customer in Spokane, Washington. The customer’s first name is ‘Ricardo,’ but it was misspelled as ‘Asshole’.” – Ars [sic] Technica.

“You know you’re doing something right when a PR person calls you a prick”

A former publicist for Chrysler, Ford, and Nissan has some choice words–asshole, prickpiece of shit–for certain members of the Fifth Estate.  – Romenesko.

Café Dekcuf

One thought on “Sweary links #2

  1. datatater January 30, 2015 / 11:33 pm

    Perhaps Ricardo will send them a check where he misspells $230.80 as $FuckY.ou


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