Sweary links #5

Here’s what you missed while you were reading the clean stories:

“Auntie Fee, foul-mouthed cooking sensation, says her food is @#$%& good.” (Los Angeles Times)


Pornhub is getting into wearable tech with the Wankband. Yes, the Wankband.” Currently seeking beata [sic] testers. (Ad Freak)


Shitizen” (shit + citizen) is a term for a citizen (a non-elite member of society) who knows shit and/or is treated like shit.” (Barry Popik)


“A shitphone is a comparatively degraded interface with the world. A flicker, a stutter and a momentary freeze are all it takes to remind you that what we think of as the internet — the interminable feeds — will move on without you, and that this deflating realization awaits every giddy or obsessed smartphone user, eventually.” “Shitphone, A Love Story,” by John Hermann (Medium)


“Today I’m trying to figure out why ‘cunt‘ is considered to be a ruder swear word than others like ‘twat’ which mean the same thing, or male equivalents like ‘dick’ and ‘knob’.” “Detonating the C-bomb,” an Allusionist podcast by Helen Zaltzman. (See also Kate Warwick for Strong Language on “What gives ‘cunt’ its offensive power“?)


“A dialect name for the kestrel – alongside such felicities as windhover and bell-hawk – is wind-fucker. Once learned, never forgotten; it is hard now not to see in the pose of the hovering kestrel a certain lustful quiver.” “The word-hoard: Robert Macfarlane on rewilding our language of landscape” (The Guardian)


One thought on “Sweary links #5

  1. Stan Carey March 10, 2015 / 3:19 pm

    Happy to see windfucker show up again. I tweeted it on @stronglang a while back, with a line by Ben Jonson that shows its additional, pejorative use: “Did you euer heare such a wind-fucker, as this?”


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