Sweary links #11

It’s a while since I wrote a proper post here: time has been scarce. To make up for it, here’s a bumper set of links on swearing from around the internet.

How much do we curse?

The ever-expanding Timelines of Slang.

Scheiße! Divergence in West Germanic faecal vocabulary.

‘You whose shit comes out leftwards!’ The grammar of Hua insults.

Gillian Anderson has started using a swearing jar. Heck costs 50p. (Our own John Kelly has surveyed the culture of swearing jars.)

Rude words are ‘the croutons in the soup of language’.

A woman in California says her grandchildren are cursing in Spanish after copying the parrot next door.

The best banner at London’s recent End Austerity Now protest.

In defence of the Chicago Transit Authority’s use of crap.

Waterford Council in Ireland has introduced a law against ‘obscene or profane language’ in parks, prompting mocking references to Father Ted.

The law on cursing at cops in the US.

Swearword etymology and the history of English.

In 17–18thC Malta, blasphemies were ‘not a mere short utterance but rather complex short stories’.

Monkey on the car (NSFW):

A highlight in the annals of NYT taboo-avoidance: ‘an intervening, ungenteel participle’.

Dumbass or dumb-ass?

A teacher who was suspended for making fun of a curse word in a student’s name has lost her appeal.

Fuck de Koning’, and a field day for satirists in the Netherlands.

Swearing at someone on WhatsApp in the UAE (or even sending a middle finger emoji) could get you jailed or heavily fined.

A Porsche owner who parked close to the line has Fuck scratched into it in retaliation. (The news report uses the following terms to avoid fuck: swear word, expletive, a word, the F word, four-letter expletive, not-so-pretty word, and bad words.)

On the right to say fuck off.

Swearing is boring, unprincipled, and ‘a blight’, concludes person who paid attention to Jay Leno.

My preschooler swears (well, ‘Dang’), and I allow it.

New Zealand MP Ron Mark mutters a swear which is picked up by the sign language interpreter.

Sheep art – sometimes rude – lifts spirits in drought-ravaged North Canterbury.

When good words go bad – a historical overview of profanity and taboo in Quebec French.

Motherfucker is barely a cuss word any more; it’s a send-up of a motherfuckin’ cuss word.’

A man is sentenced to 33 years in prison for killing a 3-year-old who swore at a video game.

Myles na gCopaleen in full flow in the Irish Times, 1942 (from Flann O’Brien: An Illustrated Biography by Peter Costello and Peter van de Kamp).

myles na gcopaleen - cursing fields , from cruiskeen lawn, 1942

A few more tweets we liked:

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