A bunch of bullfuck


Writing a book like Bullshit: A Lexicona look at words, common and obscure, for bullshit and bullshitters—was fun as fuck, as you might imagine. But one thing that’s not so much fun is coming across words I could have included after the fact. I’m pissed that I didn’t find bullshine in time. I would have loved to include gorilla dust.

Then there’s bullfuck.

How did I miss this guttural, blunt, lexical instrument? While it may bring to mind barnyard romance for some, bullfuck is typically used as a stronger word for bullshit, and quite logically so. Fuck is stronger than shit, so bullfuck is stronger than bullshit.

Here are some recent examples from Twitter of my new favorite word. I hope you’ll consider using it next time you tweet, rhapsodize, or filibuster.

“When you see someone’s tweet. That is complete an utter bullFuck. No, oh no no no. Get that shit storm of nonsense off my feed”

Oct. 26, @CadeJohnson8

“Fuck off with your pre-purchase. Holding content hostage is bullfuck.”

Oct. 12, @TheQubvo

“The 7 year old said ‘bullfuck'”

Oct. 10, @kathleenjanine


Oct. 8, @guitarfreak293

“Shit, we could use Ehrhoff and his bullfuck aim and shitty turnovers to aid our PP right now.”

Oct. 7, @s_evans10

“I just want to have an identity in vaporwave, not this shitty identity juggling bullfuck that I do on a daily basis”

Oct. 6, @THENosCorp

“Bullfuck! You dont know me .”

Oct. 6, @jureeeyn

“Then quick to run to my fucking mother so she could tell me more bullfuck”

Oct. 4, @DehRish340

“why do I wait until 1am to do this bullfuck”

Oct. 3, @brucewqyne

“This traffic is bullfuck.”

Sept. 30, @DNicolino85

2 thoughts on “A bunch of bullfuck

  1. T June 30, 2018 / 1:46 am

    Sorry that it took you so long to find the word bullfuck. My father invented it and has been using it for years. It is never used in a sentence. The word would just blast from my father’s mouth in his worst moments of frustrated rage while his head would quiver. Both his eyes would look different directions towards the outside of his face. It is truly primal.


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