Meet the cursing connoisseurs behind Strong Language, aka the sweary squad, the co-fuckers, etc. This list will grow as more writers contribute.

James Harbeck: Editor, linguist, singer, actor, runner. Co-founder, Strong Language. Sesquiotica; The Week; Website; @sesquiotic.

Stan Carey: Writer, editor, lapsed biologist. Co-founder, Strong Language. Sentence first; Macmillan Dictionary; @StanCarey;

Iva Cheung: Certified professional editor, indexer, print designer, publishing consultant, doctoral student. Website; Blog; @IvaCheung.

Ben Zimmer: Linguist, lexicographer, word nerd.; Wall Street Journal; Language Log; @bgzimmer.

Nancy Friedman: Name developer and brand critic. Fritinancy; Wordworking; Visual Thesaurus; @Fritinancy.

John Kelly: Going down the rabbit holes of word origins. Etymology writer. Educator. The Mashed Radish; @mashedradish.

Gretchen McCulloch: Linguist, editor. All Things Linguistic; Lexicon Valley; The Toast; Elsewhere; @GretchenAMcC.

Michael Adams: Provost professor, Dept. of English, Indiana University Bloomington. Author, editor, lexicographer. Past President, Dictionary Society of North America.

Jonathon Green: Slang lexicographer. WebsiteTimelines of SlangGreen’s Dictionary of SlangThe Dabbler; @MisterSlang.

Jesse Sheidlower: Lexicographer. Author, The F-Word. Adjunct Prof. at Columbia University. Ex-OED. @jessesheidlower.

Lauren Gawne: ELDP Post-Doctoral Fellow in Linguistics at SOAS, University of London. Superlinguo. Website; @Superlinguo.

Vox Hiberionacum: Archaeology, history, hagiography, folklore and landscapes of Early Medieval Ireland. Vox Hiberionacum; @VoxHib.

Rob Chirico: Writer, artist, raconteur. @RobertChirico.

Anne Gilson LaLonde: Author, Gilson on Trademarks, the LexisNexis treatise on trademark law. Website; @GilsonOnTMs.

Karen S. Conlin: Freelance line editor with delusions of substantive editing. Grammargeddon!; @GramrgednAngel.

Mededitor: Language – usage – lexicography – culture – memes – all meet on my desk. Mededitor’s paragraph factory; @Mededitor.

Stephen Chrisomalis: Anthropologist, Wayne State University. Professional numbers guy. Rare Words; Glossographia; @schrisomalis.

Mark Peters: Freelance writer, humorist, columnist for McSweeney’s, Salon, Visual Thesaurus. Bullshit: A Lexicon; @wordlust.

Kory Stamper: Lexicographer, writer, Netflix cusser. Word by Word; harm·less drudg·ery; @korystamper.

Ben Yagoda: Author; teacher at the University of Delaware. Lingua Franca; Not One-Off Britishisms; NYT; @byagoda.

Heather Froehlich: PhD student of gender in early modern London plays. Corpus stylistics / linguistics, digital humanities. Website; Academia; @heatherfro.

Colleen Barry: Copy editor keeping double entendres, mixed metaphors and dangling modifiers out of print since 2002. Ask Copy Curmudgeon; @CopyCurmudgeon.

Todd Snider: Postdoc at Language, Logic & Cognition Center at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Research focus: semantics and pragmatics. @ToddTheLinguist.