A sweary interview with the Strong Language editors

WordPress, which hosts the Strong Language blog, recently featured us on its Discover site in the form of an interview: Cheri Lucas Rowlands asked James Harbeck and me about the creation of Strong Language, attitudes to profanity, our own swearing habits, taboo terms in other languages, and so on.

You can read it here: ‘What the $@#%: Two Editors on Blogging About Swearing.’

A week of Strong Language

It’s been a damn good first week for Strong Language. It all came together very quickly, and we’re still adjusting the details, but we’ve a great team of writers posting already or planning to post (see the growing list of contributors at the foot of the page), and a feast of fucks and sweary shit coming your way. Whether you’ve been reading from the start or just joined us, thank you, and welcome.

Word is getting around. Ben Zimmer’s generous introduction at Language Log led to notices at the Washington Post, Nerdcore (Linguistics-Blog of Fuckshit is our new nickname), and other blogs and forums. Alexis Madrigal’s 5 Intriguing Things newsletter featured James Harbeck’s inaugural post on cussword phonology, while the Paris Review blog quoted my post on swearing in John Carpenter’s The Thing.

Other blogs sharing the news include Copyediting.com, Fritinancy, so long as it’s words, Iva Cheung’s blog, the polemical brain, Bifurcated Rivets, and my own Sentence first. Readers are coming in from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LiveJournal, Wiktionary, Plurk (surely a minced oath waiting to happen), and elsewhere. We’re grateful to everyone who visits or shares the blog.

If you’re catching up, you can see all ten of our posts so far in the “Latest” box in the right-hand sidebar, or by scrolling down on the main page. You can also follow us on Twitter at @stronglang, where we’ve been chatting about swearwords, sharing links, having slightly foul-mouthed fun, and just generally settling the fuck in. Finally, here’s a peek at our stats for the first six days:

Strong Language visitor stats days 1-6

That escalated bloody quickly.