FU, CKOI (or: Saying “fuck” on the radio in Canada)

The news has travelled around the world: It’s OK to swear on the radio in Canada now!

Only… it’s not quite what the headlines make it. This is more a story of one listener telling a French-language radio station to shut the fuck up, and the Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council telling that listener to sit the fuck down. It’s not open “fuck” season all day all the time on all Canadian radio from coast to coast to coast. It’s just an acknowledgement that the word fuck is no more offensive to French-Canadians at large than the word screw is to English-speaking Canadians.

But let’s start with some background.

Swearing on the air in Canada

First of all: You’ve been able to say “fuck” on the air in Canada – in English-speaking Canada, even – for years, within specific limits. Continue reading

Sweary links #17

New year, new news of the sweary, the slangy, the raunchy, the censored, and the bleeped.


In German, a jubelhure “is a lesbian who is no stranger to a good party.” In Italian, a giro is any bar or club that’s a gay scene. More queer and lesbian slang from around the world in Autostraddle. (Via Heather Froehlich.)

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