‘Taint your balls, ‘taint your ass, but ’tis in the OED

This week, the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is out with its latest update. Among its crop of over 600 new words, phrases, and senses, some sweary entries flashed us the come-to-bed eyes on Strong Language—and we don’t mean continental grip, dead rubber, or additions to the many meaning of come, as suggestive as they may sound. From mild abuses to sexual euphemisms to derogatory slang, we’ve got the highlights here.

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Fucking around with particles

Jesse Sheidlower, in his indispensable fuxicon The F-Word, lists the following compound verbs involving fuck:

fuck around
fuck about
fuck away
fuck off
fuck out
fuck over
fuck up

(Fuck around and fuck about are basically the North American and British versions of the same thing; fuck out is less common than the others, but it’s there.)

The first thing to note about these compound fuctures is, of course, that they are idiomatic: the words after fuck are not being used in a strictly literal sense (nor, of course, is the fuck). Compare cases where they are used literally:

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