A growing collection of classic resources on sweariness.

Language Log archive on taboo vocabulary

The Science of Swearing, by Timothy Jay and Kristin Janschewitz

The case for profanity in print, by Jesse Sheidlower

On the origin of fuck, by Kate Wiles (+ part 2)

On the syntax of fuck, by Gretchen McCulloch

A brief bibliography of -ass as a colloquial intensifier

Arnold Zwicky’s blog posts on taboo language and slurs

Jonathon Green’s articles on slang at The Dabbler

All Things Linguistic posts on swearing

Grawlixes past and present, collected by Gwillim Law

Obscenicons a century ago, by Ben Zimmer (+ an update)

Adventures in Expletives, by Mark Peters

Website for Maledicta: The International Journal of Verbal Aggression
(published by Reinhold Aman, 1977-2005)

Forbidden Latin Language

Neal Whitman’s “Potty on, dudes!” archive

The meanings and origins of feck

A cultural history of cunt

The psychology of swearing, by Jessica Love

The Neuroscience of Swearing, by Steven Pinker